• Happy Summer Holiday!!

    We wish everyone a fun and safe summer holiday! Our office is closed until 1st week of September. We look forward serving you with new menu items in the fall.

  • ATTENTION: Rotational job action by public school teachers

    As a result of the rotational job action, we will automatically cancel your order for the day affected and return money to your account.

  • New Snack Items - see pictures under [Treat] menu

    4 new hot snack items in the [Treat] section: Chicken (Texas style)Skewers(#303); Yorkshire Pudding with Minced Beef(#112), Pan Fried Chicken Breast(#439)and Chicken Finger(#356); All serve hot.

  • Tracking System

    We have implemented a tracking system to keep track of individual preference, substitution and non-life threatening allergies to make your ordering experience even easier. Please e-mail us at

  • Auto reminder service (please read below)

    If you would like us to remind you when it is time to reorder, simply let us know how often and the method to contact you. You can called us at (604)274-6682 or e-mail us at